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Any Given Sunday – Pro Football Sports movie

Posted by Hy Nguyen on 1/15/2016 to Movie Jerseys
Any Given Sunday – Pro Football Sports movie
Any Given Sunday Jerseys"Any Given Sunday" is a 1999 breathtaking American Sports movie based on an age old story of young American football players taking over from older experienced players. The movie is directed by Oliver Stone, winner of three Academy Awards. Stone is considered as the strongest and most energetic storyteller in United States. In this movie he also played the role of a television sports commentator.

The story is based on three different scripts - "Monday Night" by Jamie Williams, "On Any Given Sunday" by John Logan and "Playing Hurt," by Richard and Lauren Shuler Donner. The movie revolves around the on-field and corporate office battles of a fictional football team, the Miami Sharks. Miami Sharks, once a very successful team is now struggling to make it to the playoffs. There coach Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) and starting quarterback, Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid) represent the old guard. And the young turks are represented by Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz), who inherited the team from her father and Willi Beamen (Jammie Foxx), a third string quarterback who is on a winning streak. Over all the movie is filled with endless heart breaking and adrenalin filling moments.

Any Given Sunday - Movie Cast

Al Pacino plays the role of Tony D’Amato. He is the coach who has held his position for decades. Well respected for his past achievements, that includes winning of cups and championships. Any Given Sunday Al PacinoThe real life inspiration of his character is Tom Landry, longtime coach of Dallas Cowboys. Though Tony had a wife and children but they left him. The only woman left in Tony’s life is a hooker named Mandy, played by Elizabeth Berkley.

Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid) who wears the famous 19 numbered sports movie jersey is the starting quarterback and team captain. He is an all American hero, a 2 time champion, 3 time MVP with nearly 30,000 passing yards. He faced many injuries during the gameplay.

Christina Pagniacci played by Cameron Diaz. She is the owner and general manager of the team. She plays the role of a tough, unsympathetic shark, who inherited the team and now wants to fire Amato and Cap for there “old-school methods”.

Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) is the third string quarterback. In his maiden game he replaced Rooney who retired because of his injuries. Though in his first game Beamen didn’t play well, but makes a spectacular play in subsequent matches, displaying his raw athletic talent by running and passing extremely successfully.

Any Given Sunday Jerseys

Cindy Rooney played by Lauren Holly, is Jack’s wife and a real trophy wife. An outright bitch who cares more for her wealth and social status than her husband’s health.

Luther “Shark” Lavay played by Lawrence Taylor, is the captain of defense. He is the starting middle linebacker and is regarded as a highly skilled player by coach D’Amato. He once confronted Beamer over the role of offense vs. defense.

The Plot

In the 13th game of season, Rooney after being terribly injured is replaced by seventh round draft pick Willie Beamen. Initially Beamen shows his amateur and inexperienced behavior by making number of errors, but recovers afterward and plays well. Following day Pagniacci invites D’Amato to her house and raises concern about the team’s direction. She argues and informs Amato about her thoughts of cutting Rooney and Lavay, to which Amato denies and eventually leaves her home.

Sports Movie JerseysIn the next game Beamen again replaces Cherubini and shows his spectacular play. The media recognizes this and beams him as the next model of quarterback. This spectacular play continues till next 4 matches and from thereon his ego takes over and he starts to see himself above everyone. Following this D’Amato invites Beamen to his home. They exchange there philosophical differences which leads to a rift between them.

D’Amato demotes Beamen to bench and a subsequent chain of events happen which ultimately lead Beamen to realize where he went wrong and amend his self centered behavior.

In first round of playoffs, D’Amato gives an inspiring speech before the start, where the Sharks play against Dallas, one of the finest team in the league. Before the end of first half Rooney scores a touchdown and again gets injured badly. Beamen replaces Rooney and finishes the game.

Later on D’Amato gets hired as a head coach and general manager of new team called Aztecs and signs Beamen as the starting quarterback.

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