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Popular Pool Cue Sports

Posted by Boriz on 12/16/2015 to Pool Cues
Popular Pool Cue Sports

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There are more than 100 pool games that can be played with standard pool cues. The most played amongst these are 9 ball pool, 8 ball pool, 14.1 Straight pool and Blackball. Other games include Baseball pocket billiards, Bottle pool, Cowboy pool, Bowlliards, Chicago (pool), Chinese eight-ball, Cribbage, Cutthroat, Golf, Honolulu, Kelly pool, Killer, Rotation, Seven-ball, Speed pool, Three-ball, Ten-ball, One-pocket and Bank pool.

Pool tables, pool balls and pool cues (Essential facts) 

World Pool-Billiard Association, the governing body of pool, approves two sizes of pool tables for all WPA World Championships, World Tour events and WPA recognized events. In accordance with WPA Tournament Table & Equipment Specifications which are effective since November 2001, these sizes are 9ft X 4.5ft and 8ft X 4ft models.

The mouth size of pockets should be 4.5 inches to 4.625 inches for corner pockets. Whereas mouth size of side pockets should be 5 inches to 5.125 inches wide. WPA prefers 100% combed worsted wool fabric for table cloth, but allows 80% combed worsted wool with a mix of up to 20% nylon. The cloth color options approved by WPA are yellow-green, blue-green or electric blue. Pool balls should be made of cast phenolic resin plastic. Ball’s diameter should be 2.25 (+.005) inches and weight should be in between 5.5 to 6 oz or 156 to 170 grams.

Pool cues are made of solid hardwoods woods and come in generally two variants i.e. one piece and two piece cues. All pool cues are divided in 2 parts, the front part is called the shaft and consists of a tip, ferrule and taper, while the lower part is called the Butt and consists of a joint (incase of 2 piece stick), collar, grip, inlays and bumper. The butt is heavy and slightly smaller in size than the shaft. Approved length of cue is minimum 40 inches with no limit on the maximum length. Approved weight of cue is maximum 25 oz. or 708.75 grams with no minimum weight specified and approved width of tip is maximum 14mm with no bar on the minimum tip-width. The tip-material should not scratch or damage the balls. We are a leading manufacturer of top quality pool cues. Please checkout our latest and finest collection of pool cues for sale.


Popular pool games played with Pool cues

9-ball pool

Nine ball pool, the most popular pool game, is played using just 9 balls which are numbered 1 through 9. All the nine balls are placed on the table using a frame in a tightly packed diamond shape, with the nine numbered ball placed in the centre. The objective of this game is to pot (sink ball in pocket) the nine ball in a numerical order starting from ball numbered 1 and potting next balls up to ball numbered 9. However a player can directly pot the nine ball in a break or knock it after hitting the lowest number ball on the table. A legal break is when the player either pots a numbered ball or at least 3 balls hit the table rails. 9 ball pool is a fast paced game and its popular variants are 6-ball, 7-ball, 10-ball, 9-ball kiss and 3-6-9 nine-ball.


8-ball pool

8-ball pool is another very popular pool game. It is played using 15 balls numbered 1 to 15. First 7 numbered balls are solids while balls from 9 to 15 are stripes, with 8 being the black ball. All the balls are tightly placed in triangular shape, with the base of rack being exactly parallel to the short side of pool table. 8 numbered ball is placed directly behind the apex ball. The objective of this game is to first pot either set of balls and then finish the game by potting the black ball. The first player who legally pots a called ball, determines the set of balls that are assigned to him and which he can pot. The other set automatically gets assigned to the other player. The player who firsts legally pots the 8 ball wins. For a shot to be legal a player can only pot his own set of balls and cannot directly touch either the 8 ball or the other set of balls. A legal 8 ball shot can be played only when a player pots all the balls belonging to his set or if any ball indirectly touches the 8 ball. However the player looses if the 8 ball is potted without potting the complete set of balls. It is a comparatively slower game and its popular variant is 8-ball rotation pool.


14.1 Straight Pool

Straight Pool ruled pool tables for nearly half a century and dominated poolrooms until mid 1980s. The game is played with 15 object balls and a cue ball. All balls have to be called before potting and earn 1 point if potted in the called pot. In addition if another ball is also potted it also adds 1 point to player’s score. First player to reach the required score wins the match. Game generally goes up till 125 and 150 points, with professionals easily scoring 100+ points. Game is re-racked after 14 balls are potted and the player continues with breaking the rack. For a legal break either a called ball should get potted or at least 2 object balls and the cue ball should touch the rails.


Black Ball

Black ball pool is a historical game which is very similar to 8 ball pool. Countries where it is still popular are United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia and few other countries. The game is not much popular in America and many other countries around the world. It is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. There are 7 red balls, 7 yellow balls and 1 black ball. The objective of black ball pool is the same as popular 8 ball pool i.e. to pot one set of balls first and then pot the black ball to win the game. The game is in concept very similar but with few differences in the rule book. For example in black ball pool, it is a legal shot if a player pots his opponent’s ball along with his own ball. However this would amount to a fowl in 8 ball pool.



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